My name is Jim Little, and first of all I would like to thank you so much for visiting Drawings Without Borders! I enjoyed pencil drawing as a child, but for some reason I stopped after the 5th grade. With an impending hip surgery in 2013 and without having drawn for a quarter century, I decided to take a weekly drawing class. While recovering after surgery, my first drawing kept me busy, and after some encouragement from my teacher Michelle Grant I began this site.

'Sweet Dee'

For the first few years of this endeavour I was exclusively drawing subjects or ideas that intrigued me while I refined my technique. Realizing that I could bring smiles to people’s faces and perhaps even earn a living as an artist, in 2018 I began taking commissions. When not working on commissions, my favourite projects involve taking an imagined idea and making it a reality in a photo shoot with friends. I also enjoy doing drawings of popular figures whom I find intriguing that were shot by others. In all of these cases I make sure I have permission from the photographers for use of their work, and I’m extremely grateful for their generosity and talent. At the core of all of my work is photorealism, but my biggest interest is in creating hyperrealistic imagery built around that core, no matter how bold or subtle. I also think the art world shouldn’t be immune from a sense of humour, even if it’s fine art realism… why should cartoons have all the fun? 🙂

'Won One'

Since I luckily (and almost literally) stumbled back into pencil drawing, my hope is that if people are interested in buying my prints that I can pay some of that good fortune forward. That is why I donate a portion of proceeds from limited edition print sales to a good cause. This can depend on the print, but by default I go with Give Well. The prints sold on this site are all limited edition and fine art quality. More about what this means can be found on the details of each individual print.

I can also be seen from time to time at pop up markets in the Calgary area, so be sure to follow along on social media to receive updates about those events. Thanks again for taking the time to visit Drawings Without Borders, I sincerely appreciate it!

Jim Little
Founder, Artist, Webmaster… basically “Jack-of-all-trades” at Drawings Without Borders

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Awards and Recognition

– Selected as contributor to ‘Strokes of Genius 11: Finding Beauty’, to be published by North Light Books in 2019
– ‘Best in Section’ for Drawings at the 2018 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase
– ‘First Place’ in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery 2018 ‘Black and White’ Show
– 2nd place in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2017 ‘Limitless’ Online Exhibition and Competition
– ‘Best in Section’ for Drawings at the 2017 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase
– ‘Best of Show’ in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery 2017 ‘Black and White’ Show
– 3rd place in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2016 ‘Limitless’ Online Exhibition and Competition
– Selected as contributor to ‘Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture’, published by North Light Books in 2016

All shipping options and costs include a signature-on-delivery requirement for our protection, and liability coverage for your protection. Certificates of authenticity are printed on acid-free archival paper and are shipped along with the print in archival-friendly packaging. Donations are made to to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders based on a percentage of net proceeds for individual limited edition print sales. See each print’s product page for details.