Let’s Plan a Piece!


Commissioning a piece of artwork is a great way to add something unique and personal to your walls, and also makes for a great gift idea.  One of the first questions I’m always asked is about the price, and the answer always begins with “It depends…”. However, to give ballpark numbers (in Canadian dollars):
– 5″x7″ drawing: $300
– 8″x10″ drawing: $600
– 11″x14″ drawing: $900
Don’t forget that framing is extra: about half the time my clients frame on their own (especially if shipping is involved) but I like to plan the piece with the final framed vision in mind whenever possible. Also note that if there are multiple subjects, mandatory intricate details, complex backgrounds, or a rushed timeline, then that could add to the estimate, but things like lots of whitespace or large simple backgrounds would reduce the time needed. So… it depends!

Reference Images

Peanut Hank

Some artists are great at drawing from their imagination. While I sadly lack this particular talent, I pride myself on my ability to make my drawings look as close to the reference imagery as possible. And if you’d like to try a special effect of something hyper-real, please let me know. In either case, the more details I can see, the more I can draw… so the higher quality images, the better! Email is the best way to send me a photo to avoid compression and preserve its quality. Please ensure that you have permission to use the reference image, but if you think this is an issue let me know and we can try our best track down the blessing of the photographer and/or subject, if need be.


3-D Kitty

Project timelines are affected by the current workload in my queue, the size and complexity of the project, framing time, and shipping time (if applicable). For a quick small project with no framing, it might only take a few days. For a large project during a busy time that includes complex reference image editing, framing, and shipping, it could take 1-2 months. Please keep your timeline in mind and get in touch as early as possible about it. History has shown that the more advanced planning time, the better.

If you require shipping, I make use of Canada Post. I insure the shipment and choose the signature-required option to give us peace-of-mind about the piece arriving in good order.

OK, Let’s Do This!


If you’ve read this far, you might be interested or simply have some more questions, so feel free to send me a message with your request. Please provide as many of the details mentioned as possible:

– your idea, images, and size plan
– background/effects/style (if applicable)
– framing (if needed)
– shipping (if needed… not recommended for frames/glass)
– your timeline or deadline

Don’t forget to send the best quality reference image (or images) that you can find, and we can get started. If you’re not interested, perhaps you have someone in mind who might be, and I would be grateful for you to introduce us to one another.

Thank you for taking the time to consider a Drawings Without Borders commission, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Jim Little