20″x16″ matted fine art print on award-winning Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper.
Accompanied by archival mat and backing, and a customized certificate of authenticity.
Print and certificate of authenticity are each embossed with custom signature seal.

For a custom order quote, please send me a message with your wish list for the print size, mat opening size, mat colours (see image gallery for examples), framing options if applicable, or other requests, and I will be in touch about an updated quote.

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I was on holidays visiting family when I was struck by the idea to draw a reflection in the head of an ax, but one that was mirror-like. Unsure if this type of thing existed beyond ceremonial firefighter axes, I was lucky to have a very handy cousin offer to buff and polish an old hatchet he had lying around. With my prop prepared, I enlisted the help of my trusty photographer friend George Dimitrov to capture some images. I also had a side-goal of drawing some braided hair as that would have been a first for me, and my friend Angelique’s long locks were perfect.

The braids ended up taking a back seat on this drawing, but my goal with this photoshoot was to draw at least 3 images from the yield of great shots. This was the first drawing to emerge. For the background, it’s very dark but there is the subtle look of some jungle foliage. I had read into the symbolism of axes and hatchets, and they are often associated with creation. In my mind, the hatchet here represented the Creator and the jungle as something like the garden of Eden, which would make Angelique cast as Eve. So this one is entitled ‘Eden’, and when I first completed it, a haiku popped into my head about it:

Eden, dark, asleep
The creator waits, patient
For us to awake…

· 16″x20″ fine art print bundled with acid-free archival materials ·
· Brilliantly shines on award-winning Photo Rag® Metallic Paper ·
· 340 gsm · 100% cotton · high-gloss metallic finish ·
· Printed at western Canada’s only Hahnemühle-certified print shop ·