· 20″x16″ fine art print on award-winning Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper ·
· Accompanied by acid-free archival backing and a customized certificate of authenticity ·
· Print and certificate of authenticity are each embossed with a custom signature seal ·

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I had borrowed the help of my friends Caitlin and George as model and photographer, respectively, for some reference images, and there were a few that stood out. My piece entitled ‘Non Sum’ came out of our photoshoot, and I was determined to avoid letting all of the other great shots go un-used. I had noticed that most of my portraiture was almost all looking directly at the subject’s face, so I wanted to try something in profile. I used Caitlin’s head and shoulder for this project, but I switched out her hair for a shorter, lighter-toned mohawk not only because it’s a hairstyle that suits a profile shot, but also in order to tie into the next concept…

At the time I was also fascinated by an artist named Dino Tomic who does a variety of innovative and interesting things with his art. One such effect he uses is to create work with inverted values. With graphite being gray-scale and conducive to attempting this effect, this drawing was only step 1 of what I envisioned for this project. The goal was to draw the hair inverted so that when the entire drawing’s values were inverted, Caitlin appeared in negative with a black background, but the hair appeared as it would back in our positive reality. In both cases, I wanted the hair to appear realistic along with the remainder of the piece, and it was a fun challenge! This image is the result. See ‘Plus’ for the original drawing.

· 20″x16″ fine art print bundled with acid-free archival materials ·
· Brilliantly shines on award-winning Photo Rag® Metallic Paper ·
· 340 gsm · 100% cotton · high-gloss metallic finish ·
· Printed at western Canada’s only Hahnemühle-certified print shop ·

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