‘Non Sum’


20″x16″ matted fine art print on award-winning Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper.
Accompanied by archival mat and backing, and a customized certificate of authenticity.
Print and certificate of authenticity are each embossed with custom signature seal.

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This drawing won ‘Best of Show’ in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery 2017 ‘Black and White’ Show, 2nd place in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2017 ‘Limitless’ Online Exhibition and Competition, and was included in ‘The Best of Drawing: 11th Annual Strokes of Genius Competition Winners’, published in Artists Magazine’s Winter 2020 special issue.

The first time I did a pop-up market, I met my table neighbour who was actually an artist that I already admired before the event, Caitlin Bodewitz. She was encouraging and checked on me during the day, and that meant a lot. Once we became buddies and I had started shooting and drawing my own subjects for reference photos, along with my photographer buddy George’s help Caitlin went from art mentor to art muse/model, and we ended up with a lot of great shots.

I had one particular idea in mind going in, but often these shoots lead to unplanned ideas emerging. Seeing as she had an asymmetrical hairstyle, during the shoot George had asked Caitlin if she ever explored images just with half of her face/head, and I recall her saying that the buzzed side felt too masculine to her. As I was playing with reference photo ideas, I split this one shot and loved the look of it. I was also thinking a lot about how our sense of self is ever-changing, if not illusory. We’ve also got a lot of inner chaos whether that’s a pull between left and right politics, or this sense of masculinity and femininity. Do we embody these different parts, are we the sum of them, or is this constantly in flux too? The title is ‘Non Sum’, which is Latin for “I Am Not”, but in English it kind of works too referring to this sum-of-parts idea.

Happy to say that when we did the surprise reveal to Caitlin, she found her buzzed side to look at least as feminine as the other. I always liked the look of this image because it reminds me a bit of a fight promotion poster, hinting at these inner battles. With Caitlin being a former competitive wrestler, having a fighter like her gave this a little extra meaning.

· 16″x20″ fine art print bundled with acid-free archival materials ·
· Brilliantly shines on award-winning Photo Rag® Metallic Paper ·
· 340 gsm · 100% cotton · high-gloss metallic finish ·
· Printed at western Canada’s only Hahnemühle-certified print shop ·