20″x16″ matted fine art print on award-winning Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper.
Accompanied by archival mat and backing, and a customized certificate of authenticity.
Print and certificate of authenticity are each embossed with custom signature seal.

For a custom order quote, please send me a message with your wish list for the print size, mat opening size, mat colours (see image gallery for examples), framing options if applicable, or other requests, and I will be in touch about an updated quote.

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This drawing was included in ‘Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture’, published by North Light Books in 2016

For 6 weeks after surgery on my hip I was on crutches with ‘featherweight only’ (meaning maybe you rest a toe on the floor lightly, but zero pressure on it). It wasn’t so bad because I was off work, and had a new drawing obsession to help me pass the time. However, after 6 weeks the crutches can become a bit of a drag and they can be tiring at times. Overall, though, rehabilitating after an injury does take time, effort, and patience, and believe it or not I kind of enjoy the process of physiotherapy since it observably proves that effort + patience = progress.

When I first walked into the print shop I use, Lindsay here was the first person I talked to. She no longer works there, but when you sit for hours with scanning and editing, over time you become friends, and I came across this photo of Lindsay that resonated with me. It turns out she was on crutches for something like 6 months after 2 knee surgeries (so my 6 weeks was a breeze by comparison). You get to know your crutches after a while too, and the stickers here show just how long the relationship was for her. That slouched over posture also depicts this tired state you can get on the long path to recovery. I just had to draw this one, since the crutches are ultimately what brought me to the pencils, and the pencils brought me to the print shop.

· 16″x20″ fine art print bundled with acid-free archival materials ·
· Brilliantly shines on award-winning Photo Rag® Metallic Paper ·
· 340 gsm · 100% cotton · high-gloss metallic finish ·
· Printed at western Canada’s only Hahnemühle-certified print shop ·