‘Sweet Dee’


8″x10″ Limited Edition print (250).
Fine art quality print of a graphite pencil drawing of actress Kaitlin Olson in the spirit of her character Deandra Reynolds

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You’ll receive a signed, numbered, and titled 8″x10″ fine art quality1 digital reproduction2 of the original graphite pencil drawing, along with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Artist’s comments:
‘Sweet Dee’ is a graphite pencil drawing of a photograph of actress Kaitlin Olson, perhaps best known as a star cast member from the television show ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘.  The wedding ring is the only cue that she is actually not technically in character in this shot, but fans of the show would likely agree that the image captures the essence of Dee Reynolds (aka ‘Sweet Dee’) from the show.  It is for this reason that throughout working on this drawing I referred to it as ‘Sweet Dee’, thus the name.  The original reference photo was used with permission from photographer Emily Shur.
– Jim Little

[1] Printed on acid-free cotton or rag-based archival quality paper, using carbon pigment ink that won’t fade more than 5% over 100 years. See “Additional Information” for specific ink, paper, and scan resolution settings.
[2] The original drawing is scanned, then minor digital enhancements are applied prior to printing to ensure that the printed output matches the tones and values of the original drawing as much as possible, and to remove any impurities that may occur during the reproduction process.

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