‘Una Hermosa Mujer Ha Venido’


20″x16″ matted fine art print on award-winning Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper.
Accompanied by archival mat and backing, and a customized certificate of authenticity.
Print and certificate of authenticity are each embossed with custom signature seal.

For a custom order quote, please send me a message with your wish list for the print size, mat opening size, mat colours (see image gallery for examples), framing options if applicable, or other requests, and I will be in touch about an updated quote.

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In mid-2018 was invited by a friend to enter a piece in a local Latin American Art Exhibition. While I’m not Latin American, I was happy to learn that the art itself could be Latin-themed. As a portrait enthusiast, I started looking for some images that might make for a fun subject. I eventually came upon a classic actress by the name of Maria Felix, who was known as “the Marilyn Monroe of Mexico”. What I found interesting about Maria was how she turned her back on Hollywood because they only had stereotypical roles for her to play, so she chose to pursue her own version of stardom at home and elsewhere abroad.

The acting was not the only similarity Maria had with Marilyn, as both women rubbed elbows with many famous and influential people the world over. It is alleged that King Farouk of Egypt once offered Maria the (then) recently-discovered crown of Nefertiti in exchange for a “night of passion”. Maria’s response was something like “I’d prefer to sleep with your servant of my own free will, at least I find him attractive”. In honour of this boldness, I drew Maria with a tattoo of Nefertiti on her shoulder blade. Nefertiti’s name translates roughly to “The beautiful woman has come”, so to honour Maria’s native tongue I entitled this piece with the Spanish translation of “Una Hermosa Mujer Ha Venido”. The drop shadow effect was just one of those creative itches I had been wanting to scratch for a while, but I like how it came out. Based on having learned that Maria is not someone to mess with, it’s fun for me to imagine how she would have handled the perverse underbelly of today’s Hollywood.

· 16″x20″ fine art print bundled with acid-free archival materials ·
· Brilliantly shines on award-winning Photo Rag® Metallic Paper ·
· 340 gsm · 100% cotton · high-gloss metallic finish ·
· Printed at western Canada’s only Hahnemühle-certified print shop ·